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How to Actually Organise Your Entire Life with a Powerful Digital System



That was my reaction when I discovered for the first time what Notion could do for my life. And if you've never heard of Notion, then sit down and buckle up, because Kansas is going bye-bye!!

But before we dive into the meat of this post, I'm taking a stab in the dark here and guessing that you're here because you really want to get your life organised, am I right?

Well, the thing about organisation is that in order to be organised, you need an organisational system that helps you to stay organised. This is often the problem people have when they pay other people to declutter and tidy their homes. If they don't have a system to help them stay organised, they'll end up back where they started in no time.

So, what's to be done? You actually need a system that contains all the areas of your life in one place and that works holistically to help you accomplish your tasks and manage your entire life.

Does such a system even exist? It does now! And I'll tell you how you can get your hands on it a bit later. I just wanted to impress upon you how critical a system is for getting and staying organised.

Why Should I Organise Things Digitally?

Can’t I just use a paper planner? Paper planners are amazing and I use paper all the time, but we DO live in a digital age and having a digital system is just smart. For one thing, with a digital system, it's quite hard to misplace things because the search feature is so powerful that you can easily find that random note, thought or file in a few seconds.

Plus, having a backup of your organisational system in digital format is smart and will ensure that you never lose everything on the bus, the park, or wherever you put your planner down and forgot to pick it up. Trust me, if that's happened to you even once, you'll know you need to move to a digital system!

In this fast-paced world, we're constantly juggling work, family, hobbies, and personal goals. And if you're like me and you're working remotely with other team members, it's super important for other people to be able to access the same projects and files.

When you're spinning lot's of plates, it's easy to feel like you're drowning in a sea of jobs. But fear not, because there's a game-changer in town, and it goes by the name of the One Life System. Today, we're diving into why the One Life System is the ultimate tool for getting your life together and sharing some tips on how you can manage all aspects of your life with this handy digital system.

What is Notion?

The One Life System is built using Notion. Notion is an app that was designed as a space for people to capture thoughts, tasks and manage projects. And it has developed into a platform where people can even run companies, publish websites and so much more.

Now, if this is sounding like a bit much, don't worry, it's not overwhelming - trust me! Notion was built on a minimalist foundation. Meaning, you can have the simplest set up imaginable - think 'blank page with 3 bullet points' - so you don't have to worry about features you won't use or don't need.

It was designed with minimalism at the core because the most productive people know that less = more.

Why Notion Rocks for Busy Women

1. Company management is like home management

You may not be the CEO of some Fortune-500 company, but I know that running a house full of kids, chores, managing meals and organising after school activities and various events can feel like you're running a company. That's because they contain many of the same things...

  • people management

  • project management

  • event management

  • building maintenance

I mean, even without a paying job, managing a busy home is a full time job by itself! And this is why I love Notion as a tool for helping me manage my life.

2. It adapts to your life

Notion is super versatile, whether you're a mom, a career woman, an artist, or all of the above. Need a task manager, note-taker, project planner, or a place to stash all your ideas? Notion's got your back. Say goodbye to the chaos of switching between multiple apps; Notion is your one-stop-shop.

Plus, you don't have to be tech savvy. Notion is very intuitive to use. It's just like the iPhone. Nobody needed a manual when they bought the iPhone, and with Notion, things are similarly easy to navigate and use.

3. It's like a Digital Swiss Army Knife

Ever wish your apps could just work together? Notion can help. You can throw in text, tables, pictures, files, calendars, and even databases into one tidy workspace. Your grocery list can live harmoniously next to your business plans and workout routine. The ability to blend different types of content and to import information from other platforms like Google, Trello, Evernote or Asana, makes organising your life easy!

4. Access it Anywhere

Life doesn't stop. That's why it's great that you can access Notion on your computer, your phone, and even your tablet. So whether you're brainstorming during a lunch break, adding to your to-do list while waiting for football practice to end, or reviewing notes in bed, Notion's there to keep up with your busy schedule.

Managing Your Busy Life with Notion

I hope I've now convinced you that Notion is your new best friend. Assuming that's the case, let's dive into how you can conquer the world of task juggling, note-taking, goal setting, and everything in between with my favourite system.

What System Do I Use to Organise My Entire Life?

I created a system called the One Life System. I called it that because it literally contains every aspect of my entire life. I don't have one app for my personal life and another for my business. Or one planner where I keep my meal plans and a separate one where I keep my To Do's - at least not any more! Everything is contained within this one system. I have one life and it made sense to have one system to manage it!

It was built using our unique SMART™ System method and is literally a ‘plug and play’ template that you can install in one click and start using to organise your entire life. It includes:

  • The One Life dashboard

  • Goals & Vision

  • Projects

  • Tasks

  • Habit tracker

  • Planner

  • Journal

  • Daily start up & Daily shut down

  • Focus

  • Chores

  • Meal Planner

  • Contacts & birthdays

  • Gifts

  • Courses & Training

  • Finances

  • Notes and more!!

And will help you to:

  • Have all the areas of your entire life in one place for easy management

  • Ensure tasks no longer slip through the cracks

  • Manage your contacts, remember birthdays and even keep track of what you gave who, and how much you spent on them over the years!

  • Track your habits and goals easily so that you achieve your goals faster

  • Reduce your stress and overwhelm because your information is backed up and accessible anywhere

  • And finally get your life organised!

What is the SMART™ System Method?

The SMART™ System is the philosophy behind the method we use to build our Notion templates. It's an acronym that stands for:

  • S: Systematic - our template is built as a holistic system which works together

  • M: Minimal - it's built on the idea that less is more

  • A: Aesthetic - it's visually pleasing and inspirational to use

  • R: Relational - databases are intelligently coded to relate to each other in a logical way

  • T: Time saving - it's built in a way that saves you time and doesn’t suck your time

Why is having a SMART™ system important?

Because too many people are putting out Notion templates which are actually harmful to your productivity and organisation! They create templates that cause you to spend more time fiddling around with them than actually using them.

Most people creating Notion templates are creating what I call "dumb" templates. They’re essentially pages that don’t harness your information in a smart way, and so you’ll spend more time duplicating your information from one page to another. This is time consuming and, well….dumb!!

Only a tiny percentage of Notion creators, like myself, are actually making templates that use intelligent databases that allow your information to be entered in one place and automatically synced everywhere else you need it to be! We can do this because we truly understand formulas and coding - the secret sauce that makes Notion a better platform than the other project management softwares on the internet.

And what makes our Notion templates different is that we’ve combined our expertise in Notion formulas with our love for productivity, simplicity, and beauty.

So, just like dumb phones are a thing of the past, those dumb Notion templates are a thing of the past. Don’t stay in the dinosaur age. And don't get templates from people selling you archaic tools. Get SMART™. Get our One Life System.

How Do I Get The One Life System?

Well, I'm glad you asked! We're just about to launch the Beta version of our One Life System very soon! And because it's in Beta, everyone who gets it during our launch period will get it for a crazy low price! So get on our waitlist to be the first to hear when we release the One Life System so that you can get it at it's lowest price ever.

After the Beta version has been released, the price will go up! Plus, once you have the template, you'll have access to any future updates to the template too!

Click here to get on our waitlist and be the first to know when we launch PLUS, you'll get a special discount too!

Discover how to manage tasks, track goals, and stay organised effortlessly. And learn how to achieve Superwoman-Level productivity with this online tool. #Notion #productivity #Notiontemplate #organization #timemanagement

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